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Ultra Deep competition

terms & conditions

The competition is organized by:

Bright Star Studios ApS
Mindet 4B, 2. tv
8000 Aarhus C
Company registration No. 39822075

We can be contacted by email: [email protected]

Duration of the competition

The competition runs 13:00 CEST on Friday, October 27th until 23:00 CET on Sunday, October 29th.

Requirements for participating

To participate in the competition you must:

  1. Residing outside the Geographical Restricted Territory
  2. 18+
  3. Have an Ember Sword Account

Employees of Bright Star Studios ApS cannot participate in the competition. Contract partners working for Bright Star Studios ApS cannot participate in the competition.

In case of suspicion of fraud or similar behavior, Bright Star Studios ApS can exclude a participant from the competition without liability. The same goes for toxic, racist or just plain inadequate usernames used to participate on the leaderboard. This might also exclude you from any similar future competitions if severe enough.

Withdrawing consent to receive Bright Star Studios‘ electronic newsletter does not affect the participation in the competition.

The Geographical Restricted Territory includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, The Crimea Region or any other country or territory that is the subject of national legal restrictions, or country-wide or territory-wide sanctions.

Submitted fan posts and other competition submissions may be used by Bright Star Studios ApS for marketing purposes on our web pages. Participants agree to this and grant all necessary consents and rights to use any rights associated with such use. Please find all information about fan posts in our general terms and conditions at:

The competition prize

The prize in the competition is dependent on your placement in the Ember Sword Ultra Deep leaderboard:

  • 1st Global place: 1 NPC in-game named after your username on game release, 1 settlement plot, 1 Shauk hoodie + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 2nd Global place: 2 regular land plots + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 3rd Global place: 1 regular land plot + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 1-10th Global place: Unique Discord roles
  • 1st Global place using Sword & Shield: unique Discord role + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 1st Global place using Censer: unique Discord role + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 1st Global place using Staff: unique Discord role + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • 1st Global place using Pistols: unique Discord role + unique social profile frame (graphical asset)
  • Top 1 Region with the most Unique Players on Leaderboard: Feature unto Official Ultra Deep Wallpaper + 5 random regular land plot winners.

Additionally, an Ultra Deep border (graphical asset) + land official Ultra Deep Wallpaper will be distributed on the Ember Sword discord server to all participants of the Ultra Deep playtest to use freely across social media.

The total value of the prize for 1st Global place is EUR 900, for 2nd Place it is EUR 160, and for 3rd place as well as each individual of the 5 Random Regional Winners it is EUR 60. The rest of the prizes are community prizes to the approximate value of up to EUR 50. Please note that the value of the prize is a valuation from our side.

BrightStar Studios ApS arranges competitions to please our players and communities. Prizes in the competitions may differ in value depending on several factors. Bright Star Studios ApS does not give any guarantees for market values of the prizes and values may differ over time.

The land plots will be delivered to the winner's crypto wallet. The graphical assets will be delivered over email or Discord contact. The Discord unique roles will be delivered on the Discord server. The Shauk hoodie will be delivered by delivering it to the given address. The winner must accept the prize(s) by 6th November 2023. Otherwise, the assigned prices will be reassigned to the next winner in line.

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Competition winner(s)

There will be 19 winners in this competition.

HOWEVER you can only win land allocation once in this particular competition, so the 5 random winners from the chosen region cannot also be winners from the Top 3 Leaderboard land allocation - and if they are - they will be redrawn.

SIMILARLY in the case of duplicate appearances of unique usernames on the Top 10 Leaderboard the prize will be awarded to the next unique username in line to win it. Meaning that in the case of having the same unique username on top 2 and top 3 Leaderboard, the top 3 prize will now go to the top 4 on the leaderboard.

Note that some of these winners might be the same person, for example Top 1 Global Leaderboard could be the same winner as the Top 1 of a certain weapon category, HOWEVER, the 5 randomly drawn regional winners CANNOT be among the Top 3 of the Global Leaderboard (having already won allocated land plots), but the rest are eligible since their prizes did not include land plots.

The winners will be picked on 30th October 2023 and contacted immediately hereafter via email registered on Ember Sword's website.

The winner's username, Discord tag, and earned price(s) will be announced on the Ember Sword Discord server.

Winners may be asked to give information or documentation to receive their prize, e.g. proof that they are over 18 years old at the time of registration for the competition and/or that they are not residing in a geographical restricted Territory. This also includes a KYC - Know Your Customer - check if you are winning land plots. The documentation and required information must be provided within 7 days after the winner is notified via email. If the winner fails to submit valid and appropriate information or documentation at Bright Star Studios ApS’ discretion, the prize will be forfeited and instead awarded to another winner.

Processing of personal data

By participating in the competition, Bright Star Studios ApS processes personal information about the participants.

The processed information includes name, username, Discord tag, and contact information. The information is processed for the purpose of including the participants in the competition and contacting the winner of the competition.

The processing is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6(1)(f) (legitimate interest), as Bright Star Studios ApS has a legitimate interest in being able to fulfill the purpose of processing the information, namely the execution of the competition.

Bright Star Studios ApS is obligated to retain information about the winner of the competition for 5 years. For participants who are not drawn as winners, Bright Star Studios ApS will delete the information immediately after the winner has received the prize, and the competition has thus been completed.

As a registered person, participants in the competition have the right to request Bright Star Studios ApS (as the data controller) to access and correct or delete personal information about them or request restriction of the processing of information about them. All participants also have the right to object to the processing of information about them. Requests will be dealt with in accordance with the GDPR.

For questions, comments, or complaints about the competition or Bright star Studios ApS' processing of personal information, Bright Star Studios ApS can be contacted at [email protected] / [email protected]

Complaints about the competition, including marketing, can also be addressed to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman at

Complaints about the processing of your personal information can also be addressed to the Danish Data Protection Agency. See contact information at

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