We are MMORPG players at heart, and we’ve got a burning passion for this genre that we have all enjoyed for decades. A genre that we want to improve, to take to the next level. We’re on a mission to truly create the ultimate MMORPG experience.

As gamers, we often find ourselves chasing the hallmarks of our past for a fleeting sense of nostalgia, only to be let down as we discover the same reinvented wheel. With Ember Sword, we plan to set the wheel ablaze and from its ashes will rise an experience that will start a new era of MMORPGs.

Jens Hilgers


Andreas Thorstensson


Robert Jønsson

Legal Advisor

Mark Laursen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Joris Huijbregts

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Emil Frølund

Chief Marketing Officer

Loren Roosendaal

Executive Producer

Allan Kirkeby

Senior Producer

Victor Rubinstein

Art Producer

Jannick Damkvist

Music Composer

Samuel Horton

Story & Lore

David Atkinson

Economy Designer

Thorvald Zehmke

Junior Level Designer

Sage Durain


Sune Thorsen


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