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What is Thanabus Cup?

A yearly Ember Sword tradition, the cup lets our community show their allegiance to one of the four nations of Thanabus by taking part in weekly competitions of skill, creativity and team spirit!

Participating community members that win on behalf of their nation are rewarded with prize-filled gift baskets. To celebrate this special event we also have an actual physical trophy, where the winning nation will be engraved and immortalized, placed in the Bright Star offices forever.

29th of November


Dominate the ocean and sink your adversaries' battleships! The first competition will feature a well-known party game... with a Thanabus Cup twist! Bring your friends to the live event over on Twitch and help your nation be victorious!


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This year we've ramped up the rewards for participants that win competitions on behalf of their nation. If you win one of the competitions during the Thanabus Cup, you'll be rewarded with a gift basket containing:

  • Regular Land Plot in Solarwood including Sir/Lady title
  • Thanabus Cup medal
  • Ember Sword Thanabus Cup hoodie
  • Ember Sword cap
  • Ember Sword keyhanger, notebook and sticker
  • 1 Year Nitro Premium subscription
  • EPOS H6PRO Gamer Headset


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The Thanabus Cup is the premiere Thanabus event. An annual occurrence which sees all four nations face off against each other in a wide array of unorthodox competitions. Each year, the winning nation’s name is physically engraved on the thanabus cup itself here at Bright Star Studios’ Aarhus office.

Nation switching is not possible while a competition is active However, you can switch nations between competitions. Example : The current competition that’s playing is competition art, you will not be able to switch nations while that is live. However, during the downtime between when art ends and the next competition begins you will be able to swap nations.

Thanabus Cup Season 3 will not have any competitions set within the current Ember Sword build.

There will be seven competitions in this year’s edition. You can see which competition is currently active here, or by joining the Ember Sword Discord server. ou can find everything going on during the current competition in the Thanabus Cup category on the Ember Sword Discord.

Please use the “TC Support” Channel under the “Thanabus Cup” category on the Ember Sword Discord to ask any Cup-related questions.

Please use the “TC Support” Channel under the “Thanabus Cup” category on the Ember Sword Discord and present your case.