New Homepage!

We are extremely excited to present the new, the team have been working hard on putting together a new and better homepage for Ember Sword, and to begin sharing more of the story and lore behind the game, its future features, gameplay and much more.

Learn the basics about Ember Sword

Discover the world of Thanabus

Unearth the ancient lore and heritage

Stay tuned to the homepage in the coming months as we will continuously be updating with more new intriguing content about Ember Sword.

New Name

So Couch Studios is effective immediately known as Bright Star Studios.  

Bright Star Studios

The team behind Ember Sword is growing, please help us give a warm welcome to Allan Kirkeby who is joining as a Senior Producer, to help shape Ember Sword into the best possible game it can be. Kirkeby is the former CEO of Unity Studios and brings with him decades of experience in both Unity and gaming.

I’m excited to join Bright Star to work on the ambitious Ember Sword project. Combining the classic and proven MMO formula while empowering players to own and trade in-game cosmetic collectibles will create entirely new item ecosystems and strong community structures that the gaming world has never seen – Allan Kirkeby

New Additions to the Family

Play Ventures and Galaxy Interactive have joined as part of Bright Star Studios, following an investment to help scale the development team, see full press release here.

As investors and gamers, we’re 100% aligned with Bright Star Studio’s vision of accessible, player-driven MMORPG experiences with open game economies. We believe increased player-ownership of game worlds allow for deep and engaging gameplay, and are confident that this is the right team to deliver this new experience to players, – Anton Backman, Venture Partner at Play Ventures. 

Anton Backman is also stepping into the Board of Bright Star Studios.

“We often look for game developers that are on to something in terms of moving a particular genre forward, Bright Star is doing that for the MMORPG sector and we’re really excited to see how ‘Ember Sword’ changes the MMO experience – Sam Englebardt, Head of Galaxy Interactive

The final addition to the family is Andreas Thorstensson, the co-founder of Popdog and SK-Gaming, who joins Bright Star as an Advisor. Andreas has a strong history in the origin of competitive gaming and Esport, and his immense diverse experience will help guide Ember Sword towards a unique competitive gameplay experience.

Why We’re Building Ember Sword

With Ember Sword, we’re building the next generation Free to Play MMORPG player experience — a re-thinking of what an MMORPG is and can be.

We want to forge an alternative path for games, moving away from predatory monetization and loot box gambling, towards a future where players have a permanent stake in their game world.

We believe that players should be free to trade their in-game cosmetic items, even on secondary marketplaces, and we believe in game design that creates a fair and thriving no-pay-to-win gameplay environment.

We believe in empowering artists to monetize their work, we believe in true ownership over digital items, and we believe in a persistent digital universe built by the players, with ultimate freedom and no borders.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future, and hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Ember Sword is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) for browsers and PC with a vast, persistent, fantasy universe owned and developed by its players.

Create a character, pick a home region, and venture into the dangerous world with a bow, staff or sword to prove your worth in the action-packed classless combat system by defeating monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself as a talented refiner and craftsman of weapons and armor.