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A land of Forest and Mountains

One of the Republic states, Solarwood is governed by the Academic Federation, with Headmaster Dalcor Kritana at the helm. From the collegiate capital of Burkhalter’s Academy, the local government looks to balance the demands of the academics with the needs of their general populace, as well as the requirements that come with loyalty to the Republic, making this particularly difficult vocation to be in. Solarwood’s Republic standing has further been put to the test, as the drums of war resound for the campaign against Sevrend.

A land of forests and mountains, Solarwood is treasured for its moderate climate and expansive countryside. Though hallmarked by its woodland areas, it comes in many shades, including grasslands, wheat fields, coastlines – all covering land with over a lifetime of exploration on it. Dotted with diverse villages centered around specific industries and filled with equally diverse people, each with their own back story to be explored.

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Adjacent to Burkhalter’s Academy is a serene agricultural isle and the site of a spectacular battle against the robotic Max Titan long ago. It is called home by many farmers who are looking for help with clearing their lands of pesky robots, and you’ll find plenty of saw, claw and “helper” bots to clean up.


The hallmark vista of Solarwood, the forest is an expansive place known for its moderate woodland congestion and climate. For all its beauty, the woods remain an untamed frontier, as dangerous as anywhere else on the moon.

Deep forest

Where the trees are tightly bound and the light cannot break, we find the oldest parts of Solarwood. These dark reaches are called home by beasts and solitary folk who should only be approached by those with the direst of reasons.


Built around the observatory that first beckoned Starzhen, Burkhalter’s Academy is the capital of Solarwood and the premiere institution of Thanabus. This old and beautiful city celebrates the marriage of contrasts: rusticity with elegance, education with industry, peace with danger.


In-between the forests and mountains of Solarwood, the land opens into great plains. Littered with refuse from victims of the Catastrophe and subsequent vagabonds, these areas are popular for nomads.

Autumn forest

Against Solarwood’s many shades of green there are yellow strokes that highlight the changing seasons. In these fall lands, heroes are liable to find abandoned mineshafts to explore and inhabitants who enjoy nippier weather.

Meet the bots




Once idealized helpers, clawbots are now an incessant bane. Alone unintimidating, clusters of these have been known to overwhelm even the fiercest heroes, fairly painfully showing them where they got their name from.


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