A dark and bleak jungle region in the Southwest, Sevrend marks the direct impact point from Starzhen’s planetoid in 3225. The greatest portion of Sevrend is hallmarked by lethal fauna, in the way of toxic plants and rabid animals. All throughout, the land is strewn with large obsidian and black glass rock formations, intertwined with the exotic habitat. In the center, where the Catastrophe manifested the greatest, the terrain is barren and infertile; its soil dark and ashy. The tectonic plates of the region were cleanly fractured during the cataclysm, causing the land to be splintered by fissures, with the green glow from the mantle permeating up. Unlike the three other major regions, Sevrend is predominantly populated by extraterrestrials from Jupiter dubbed “Jovians”, which vary significantly in terms of biology and aggressiveness. Taking advantage of the Republic’s quarantine of Sevrend, the Damned have established a foothold in and are the de facto rulers of the region.

Jungle of the Wicked

As the pollutants dispersed from the Skyder descended down upon the landscape of , fauna emerged at an unfathomable rate, raising many questions about this strange moon of Jupiter. Amongst the wildest of the wild was the emerging jungle of Sevrend, which absorbed the toxins from the pollutants like a gargantuan sponge. This toxic jungle, full of all sorts of strange and alien wonders, brought cold beads of sweat to even the most stalwart colonists.

Sevrendi History

During the Catastrophe, the lush jungle was devastated above all else, as the brunt of Starzhen’s planetoid was brought down upon it. Every foreign boulder and spire that impacted left a desolate radius in its wake. The most extreme impact points were marked by deep fissures and jagged borders that exposed the very mantle of Thanabus. Fumes carrying toxics and radiation bathed the landscape in a perpetual hellish shadow.

In the years immediately following the founding of the Republic, the people of Thanabus recognized that their infrastructure and society did not have the capacity to maintain convicts. Thus, it was decreed by President Arch Claudius that prisoners would be exiled to the inhospitable wasteland of Sevrend, to scrounge for scraps and be claimed by the bitter elements. The Dusker Trading Company of Duskeron agreed.

Though the first exiles struggled to survive, they were pleased to discover that the jungle was recuperating and spreading past most of the impact points. Though many areas, such as the natural spires of Starscrape, would remain perpetually infertile, life was finding a way. Soon, punishments were reinterpreted as a release and the former convicts found themselves appeased.

For the next several hundred years, Sevrend continued onward as a largely anarchist land, where people tended to mind themselves and the dangers of the strange fauna that had arisen in the wake of the Catastrophe. Many species were cataloged from before Starzhen’s destruction, while others were of inexplicable origin. Otherwise, Sevrend was largely ignored by the rest of Thanabus.

All changed in the year 3450, however, with the unification of the residents of Sevrend, under the banner of “the Damned”. Organized by a mysterious young woman known as “the Wisp”, the Damned began a series of surgical strikes against the Republic to the north, as well as unwelcome excavations into Duskeron to the east. Known as a terroristic military junta to others, the Damned seek to overthrow Claudius and supplant the Republic with a new form of government for reasons unknown.

The Land Today

Sevrend is a land checkered with many shades of death. The brunt of the region is an overgrown jungle, comprised of close and heated air, nestling the poisonous fauna. The deep interior is a stark contrast; a wasteland of ash and rocks from Starzhen’s world. The Catastrophe split the very plates of Thanabus into fragments, creating jagged cliffs and bottomless fissures spewing chartreuse flames and fumes. Where the jungle has regrown, vines hug tightly to the surfaces of alien rocks.

Capital: Starscrape

Indomitably the largest fragment of debris from the Catastrophe, Starscrape is a massive obsidian structure comprised of jagged stalactites that extend to the sky. Externally devoid of light and human presence, Starscape serves as the lair and base of operations for the Damned, who have tunneled throughout the structure, making for habitable, rustic living conditions. The flow of the interior gradually leads towards the peak, where the ruler of the Damned, the Wisp, maintains her private quarters, with an uninhibited view of Sevrend.

Ruler: The Wisp

Even amongst her own followers, little is known about the guerilla general known only as “the Wisp”. Those who have encountered her have stated that she is a young woman of short stature, whose face is largely concealed by a hooded cloak. Though noted for being generally quiet and of tempered emotions, she displays astounding knowledge and understanding of the cultures and histories of Thanabus, leading many to suspect that she is an alum of Burkhalter’s Academy. Her acumen for not only surviving in Sevrend, but unifying the previously anarchist state under one banner, indicates that the Wisp is native to Sevrend.