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If you are looking to have an impact on an ambitious MMORPG, then join us and pioneer solutions that will help us scale to the next level.

As a Lead Gameplay Engineer, your main responsibility is supporting and guiding your team to realize the vision of Ember Sword, as well as designing, building and maintaining larger gameplay systems. Leads know how to bring out the best of their teams and communicate effectively with other leads of various disciplines to ensure the game becomes an awesome adventure. You are expected to apply your considerable experience as an engineer to foremost advise and provide feedback to your team, but also step in and directly contribute. Coordination and collaboration with leads of various disciplines will also be at the forefront of your tasks, but above all, the effectiveness and happiness of your team is your highest priority. Are you ready to lead us to victory?

We are developing Ember Sword, a groundbreaking social sandbox MMORPG game set in a community-driven PvP and PvE fantasy universe. With player-owned collectible cosmetics and a blockchain-enhanced economy, this game is on a mission to disrupt the current gaming industry norms.

Your TO DOs

  • Build new gameplay experiences
  • Architect and implement new gameplay systems
  • Coordinate with other Leads to realize the complete gameplay vision for Ember Sword
  • Coach and mentor other gameplay programmers
  • Learn and grow from your peers and mentors
  • Communicate effectively with other members of the development team
  • Review code written by your peers


  • Passion for video games
  • Fluent in English
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent, or corresponding experience
  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer with focus on game development or real time applications.
  • Excellent C++ skills
  • Professional experiences shipping games


  • Genuine love for MMOs and/or RPGs
  • Experience with custom game engines
  • Experience with ECS
  • Experience shipping MMOs, RPGs and/or MMORPGs
  • Experience with Noesis / WPF


  • This is not your average gaming company. We are a culture which encourages challenging the status quo. Therefore, we are keen to work with people who value integrity, accountability, curiosity, inclusion, passion and innovation.
  • We are seeking the individual who wants to push boundaries creatively and use a future-facing approach to producing assets for all platforms.
  • We operate in an industry which is evolving on a daily basis, and therefore, we are looking for talented individuals who are comfortable adapting in a fast paced and often changing environment.


  • This is a UK/EU contractor-based role with offices based in the Netherlands, Denmark and Serbia. Remote working is acceptable with the willingness to travel as needed.

The TEAM at Bright Star

In just two short years, Bright Star Studios has become one of the most watched developing gaming studios in the world. Today we are a rapidly growing team, and though we are spread across continents, we are united in our mission to build the ultimate MMORPG experience for our community. The BSS culture is driven by a group of passionate, determined and talented individuals, hailing from a range of diverse backgrounds and locations.

We are an equal opportunity employer who hires people who are genuinely passionate about changing the games industry for the better. Always on the lookout for exceptional talent and potential, we care about good team effort, open and friendly communication, and speaking up without reserves.

So… if you are ready to rock the foundation of the gaming world together, we will welcome you with open arms.

About Bright Star Studios

Bright Star Studios, is a global independent games development studio crafting next generation original MMO game franchise experiences.

Led by a diverse team of award-winning venture founders, former world champion pro-players and entertainment professionals who come with decades of game industry experience, these innovators are carving a new path forward for MMORPGs across PC, Browser, and Mobile. The studio’s mission is to rewrite the games industry with a business model that favors the community through exciting competitive gameplay, instant playability and a leading platform which supports the player economy.

The studio is working on their flagship title, Ember Sword, a modern rewrite of the games industry business model which brings a player-owned economy and the community together in a unique and engaging cooperative role playing story-universe.

About Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique community led and frictionless PvP and PVE player experience, and allows true ownership of digital gaming assets using blockchain technology.


We offer remote options and flexible working hours. We offer balance between work and personal life and are encouraged with open paid time off. All employees getting onboard 2022 will get a token package, and therefore have an incentive to make the best MMORPG. Besides that, we have the usual: Free coffee and tea. Social gatherings. Board game nights. Free office snacks, soft drinks, and occasionally Friday bars.

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