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We are developing Ember Sword, a groundbreaking social sandbox MMORPG game set in a community-driven PvE and PvP fantasy universe.

As a Gameplay Architect, your main responsibility is designing and structuring the overall architecture of large gameplay systems in Ember Sword. You are expected to work closely with Game Design and your fellow gameplay engineers to make sure we built our systems scalably, highly performant, and most of all FUN!

Your TO DOs

  • Design, architect, and implement key gameplay systems and functionality, raising the bar on best practices and quality of code delivered
  • Work with the game design team to identify key systems and mechanics that will drive the player experience
  • Take a pragmatic approach to design and implementation by understanding the game design and player value of features that are being implemented
  • Ensure we are using best coding practices and architectural principles applied to long-living, multiplayer client/server games
  • Maintain a high level of code quality and continuously improve existing gameplay systems to ensure they are robust and maintainable
  • Contribute to the big picture when it comes to how the game works technically, but have a strong focus on the details and how everything adds up
  • Support the team in finding solutions, through brainstorming and discussions
  • Inspire other engineers to grow and achieve their potential
  • Contribute ideas toward all aspects of the game’s production and development


  • 5+ years as game programmer with a focus on larger Gameplay systems
  • Experience with structuring large code projects from the ground up.
  • Excellent C++ skills (e.g., a strong grasp of Standard Template Library (STL) and underlying data types)
  • Experience with ECS/ENTT (e.g. ECS design principles, data locality, and how to design systems with these principles in mind)
  • Able to speak “Game Designer” and “Artist”: i.e., being able to communicate well with designers and artists, not just to understand what they want, but to share their excitement and joy
  • Proficiency in talking about game design
  • Ability to either work onsite (Copenhagen), or remotely within the CET timezone +2/-2 hours


  • Genuine love for MMOs and/or RPGs
  • Experience with custom game engines
  • Experience shipping MMOs, RPGs, and/or MMORPGs
  • Experience with Noesis / WPF


  • This is not your average gaming company. We are a culture that encourages challenging the status quo. Therefore, we are keen to work with people who value integrity, accountability, curiosity, inclusion, passion, and innovation.
  • We are seeking an individual who wants to push boundaries creatively and use a future-facing approach to producing assets for all platforms.
  • We operate in an industry that is evolving on a daily basis, and therefore, we are looking for talented individuals who are comfortable adapting to a fast-paced and often changing environment.


  • On location: Bright Star Studios has offices in the Netherlands (Breda), Denmark (Arhus, Copenhagen), and Serbia (Novi Sad) where you could work from.
  • Full remote: In case you’re not located in the Netherlands, Denmark, or Serbia, this will be a UK/EU contractor-based role with occasional travel to the HQ (Copenhagen) to see your amazing colleagues face to face.

The TEAM at Bright Star

In just two short years, Bright Star Studios (BSS) has become one of the most watched developing gaming studios in the world. Today we are a rapidly growing team, and though we are spread across continents, we are united in our mission to build the ultimate MMORPG experience for our community. The BSS culture is driven by a group of passionate, determined, and talented individuals, hailing from a range of diverse backgrounds and locations.

We are an equal-opportunity employer that hires people who are genuinely passionate about changing the games industry for the better. Always on the lookout for exceptional talent and potential, we care about good team effort, open and friendly communication, and speaking up without reserves.

So… if you are ready to rock the foundation of the gaming world together, we will welcome you with open arms.

About Bright Star Studios

Bright Star Studios is a global independent games development studio crafting next-generation original MMO game franchise experiences.

Led by a diverse team of award-winning venture founders, former world champion pro-players, and entertainment professionals who come with decades of game industry experience, these innovators are carving a new path forward for MMORPGs across PC, Browser, and Mobile. The studio’s mission is to rewrite the games industry with a business model that favors the community through exciting competitive gameplay, instant playability, and a leading platform that supports the player economy.

The studio is working on its flagship title, Ember Sword, a modern rewrite of the games industry business model which brings a player-owned economy and the community together in a unique and engaging cooperative role-playing story universe.

About Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique community-led and frictionless PvP and PVE player experience and allows true ownership of digital gaming assets using blockchain technology.

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