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Welcome to the Dungeon

October 6, 2023

Embrace the Chaos

Following on from our hugely successful Alpha Playtest in April, we are so excited to invite all of you to our second open playtest of the year: The Ultra Deep!

The servers will be open from 11:00 UTC on Friday October 27th until 22:00 UTC on Sunday October 29th.

The Playtest is open to anyone who is registered with an Ember Sword account. If you do not have an account, please sign up now in order to receive access and communications regarding the tests.

Going Deeper Underground

Lying deep underneath the engineering department of Burkhalter's Academy in Solarwood, lies a sprawling, expansive laboratory. The Ultra Deep is a network of roughly-chiseled rock caverns, with various tunnels and compartments along its path, steam-powered machinery running at every hour and large cauldrons of molten steel. Sometimes it resembles more of a mine than a place of science.

Over time, Ultra Deep has gradually fallen outside of Burkhalter's control, as rogue scientists conducted bizarre and unscrupulous experiments. A huge explosion, powerful enough to rock the ground above has now ended of all communication from within. You and your fellow adventures will need to descend through the depths and uncover the mysteries within.

The Experience

Players will team up to take on the different challenges Ultra Deep offers. You will be able to choose from a range of different equipment at the beginning, allowing you to experiment with different playstyles and approaches. The playtest focuses on a shorter, more linear experience this time, as we are looking to test different areas versus the more open playtest earlier in the year.

We'll also be operating leaderboards to highlight the fastest groups to complete everything this time! The leaderboards will be separate per region, so we can see which part of the world is truly the best at playing Ember Sword.

Different Regions?

Yep! One of the main things we heard last time was that both from a latency/ping and timezone perspective, many of you either didn't get the experience we'd like, or even get to play at all.

This time we're running regional servers as follows:


Still in Alpha?

Yes, being in Alpha means that almost everything you see will be neither perfect or final, and things will likely change a lot throughout the course of development.

Our team is hard at work on our mission to revolutionize how great games are built, accessed and played, and are continuously testing with internal and external audiences. Now we are beyond excited to get as many players through the Ultra Deep experience as possible and hear your thoughts on what you like and what needs to be improved!

Where Can I find out more?

Visit our website here, or follow us on our socials:









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