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May 29, 2024

Yet another milestone has been reached, and we are thrilled to share that the moment has come to define your gaming experience within the Ember Sword universe. Ember Sword is proud to introduce the launch of our in-game token - $EMBER.


$EMBER will be rolled out in a phased approach, aligning with strategic milestones and our key partners. This phased release is your stepping stone to early access of the game in Q4 this year!

Phase 1 - Entry On Gate StartUp, June 13th: 2,500,000 $EMBER Drops!

  • Gate Startup is your first chance to get some $EMBER token drops!
  • To participate check out details here and check out the FAQ here.
  • Twitter/XAnnouncement can be seen here

Phase 2 - TGE Exchange Launch June 14th 10am UTC

  • DEX Launch: Initial release on Uniswap (DEX).
  • CEX Launch: Simultaneously available on (CEX).

Dive in and be among the first to get $EMBER!

Phase 3 - Expansion:

  • $EMBER will hit more exchanges. We’ll announce specifics on Discord and Telegram—stay tuned!
  • Community Airdrops: Don’t miss out on our upcoming airdrops! Details on how to participate will be shared in the next few weeks, so make sure you are registered and follow our Twitter/X


$EMBER is an ERC-20 token and is used for all on-chain activities in Ember Sword.

Pay-to-win can be alluring for some other games in the short term, but we are building Ember Sword to last for years to come.


So all of our on-chain items are cosmetic, allowing players to customize their characters, without buying power and upsetting game balance.


Players can buy collectables from premium in-game shops, or directly from other Players. Every collectible in Ember Sword is a limited edition item, with a set quantity that will NEVER be restocked. New collectibles will be introduced into the cycle and then distributed through in-game objectives, events, leagues, and limited-time sales.

When the supply runs out, they will only be attainable through trading with other players.

Players will be able to use $EMBER to merge multiple lower-tier cosmetics into a single higher-tiered item, this increases their scarcity, and allows for greater player individuality.

Land owners will be able to earn $EMBER through secondary market player trading, and/or through Premium Shop purchases in-game.

There will be a total volume of 2.5 billion $EMBER. The largest portion of which will be distributed via in-game activities like PvE and PvP events, leagues and seasonal encounters. This highlights our commitment to enhancing the player experience and giving something back to our incredible community.

$EMBER Token Summary

  • Utility: $EMBER will serve as the primary on-chain token within Ember Sword, allowing you to purchase in-game items, merge cosmetics, and access premium features.
  • Player Control: Ember Sword offers players control of their own in-game assets secured by blockchain technology, giving you the power to do what you want with your virtual treasures.
  • Merging: Merge lower tier cosmetics to receive higher tiered cosmetics using $EMBER tokens fostering a vibrant in-game economy.
  • Earning Rewards: All players can receive cosmetics collectibles drops simply by playing the game. These can then be traded amongst each other via secondary marketplaces. Additionally, land owners are able to receive rewards based on their land plot type via Premium Shop Rewards, and Player Trading Rewards.
  • Integration: $EMBER will be seamlessly integrated into the Ember Sword experience and interface, making transactions seamless, swift and secure.

$EMBER will be released starting from June 13th.

$EMBER Token Design

$EMBER is essential for purchasing and enhancing collectibles within Ember Sword, driving both the cosmetic and economic engagement of our community.

Supply & Demand of $EMBER depends on the active trading player base.

  • $EMBER is needed to interact with collectible cosmetics both for purchasing and merging them together. The collectables are all limited in supply, and the number of items dropped or released into the game is based on a percentage of the user base on a daily or monthly basis.

  • LAND PLOTS within each Nation are a limited supply. With only 40k land plots available in the first nation, Solarwood, only these players will be eligible for earning shared $EMBER rewards. Land owners will receive rewards for Premium Shops and Player Trading which is also based on a percentage of the user base.

  • $EMBER can be purchased and used to buy or merge cosmetics at any time. With a fixed supply of 2.5 billion $EMBER tokens, their distribution is linked to active gameplay through PvE and PvP events. Land owners in Ember Sword can earn additional $EMBER rewards by hosting Premium Shops and facilitating player trades, further enriching the community-driven economy.


The economic dynamic that blooms from these systems is that if the active trading base grows, the supply of $EMBER will always be 2.5B in total and will never change, however the number of total collectibles in Ember Sword will keep growing as the player base grows.

$EMBER Supply, Allocation & Distribution

The tables below demonstrates the allocation, distribution and dynamic release model for $EMBER in-game. For more detailed tokenomics information, please refer to our White Paper.


Are you a Content Creator?

We have got you covered. Have a look through our content creator kits made specially for you to make it easy to share your creativity!

Thank you for being a vital part of the Ember Sword community. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of gaming!


What is $EMBER?:

$EMBER is used by players to purchase and merge cosmetic items and other premium features within Ember Sword.

Where/How do I get $EMBER?

Players can obtain $EMBER through exchanges, in-game premium shops, by trading or selling cosmetics and by earning rewards on their plots of land in the game.

Does buying $EMBER give you a power advantage in $EMBER SWORD?

No, all on-chain cosmetic items within the game, including the $EMBER token are NOT tied in any way to gameplay or player level progression. Similar to many other MMORPGs, Ember Sword also has an off-chain trading system by obtaining resources such as wood, ore and gold. This can only be earned by playing the game.

Will I be able to stake $EMBER?

Our intention is for $EMBER holders to be able to unlock rewards via a staking programme. This program is still in the planning stage and we will share the details on how to participate in this in the near future.

Where can I find out more about the $EMBER token?

For more information please visit our White Paper.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Ember Sword community. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of gaming!

Disclaimer: General Notice: $EMBER tokens are in-game tokens created for use within the Ember Sword MMORPG. They are not and should not be considered as a form of currency, security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument.

For full user Terms and Conditions, please follow this link: Terms & Conditions


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