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Ember Sword’s First Pre-Alpha Technical Test — The Details (Updated 22.04.22)

March 21, 2021

As you might have seen on our Discord channel , we are planning on doing a series of technical tests with select members of our community starting in early April. Let's get into it!

Who is eligible to participate?

Invites have been sent to our community members who currently own in-game land and/or are badge holders. If you have purchased land or badges on secondary marketplaces, please make sure you have signed up for an Ember Sword account in order to receive communications regarding the test. Basically, if you own a badge and/or land at the time of testing, you have a chance to feature test Ember Sword! Those eligible will be able to participate in three rounds of testing, which will run over the course of the month of April.

And just so you know how much we appreciate all of you --- community members who are not selected for this technical test will still get a chance to participate in testing the game at a later stage. More on this, as always, will be posted to our socials in due time.

What exactly is a technical test?

For those who have not participated in a technical test before, let us help you to understand what to expect, shall we?

It is very important to note that the technical test is not in any way a finished version of the game. Like many other similar tests, its purpose is to examine various systems (such as online connectivity), see if there are any large scale bugs, gauge the need for further optimization, etc. There will be a limited play area and selected gameplay loops for testers to tinker around with.

In other words, the test will be a small sample of what is to come over the next several stages of development for our game.

What do I need to do to participate in the test?

  1. You will need a verified Ember Sword account (verified meaning activated via email after signing up).
  2. You will need to connect your digital wallet, done through the account page on our website.
  3. You need to have a badge or land plot in your wallet at the time of logging into the test.
  4. Once you have these credentials, you will be able to receive the communications necessary to enter the game. Those will take the form of a notification on our website, visible once you've logged into your account and are able to participate in the test. Said notification will go live close to the tech test itself.

Please be aware of scams and fake accounts when purchasing land or badges. Only marketplaces with the verified marks should be trusted. Do your own research.

If you do not have an Ember Sword account, you can register one on our website. We do recommend connecting your digital wallet to your Ember Sword account as well, so you are ready to go once the test starts.

How will we gather feedback?

As mentioned above, we will be predominantly testing systems and game foundations in this technical test. What that means is the feedback we will be collecting will mostly be derived from data generated by players during the testing sessions. However, we understand that the testers will most likely spot things that we haven't. That's why we will have a dedicated feedback channel on our Discord, launching close to the tests.

When do the technical tests start?

Testers will get three opportunities to participate in the testing. They will be placed in a queue on a first come, first serve basis. We chose that approach to ensure the stability of the test, as well as to make gathering data possible in a controlled environment. The planned testing windows are:

Test 1 --- April 4th-8th

Test 2 --- April 19--20th

We will be conducting live streams during each round of testing. Those will be hosted by our very own team of Thor and Svetlin. The first stream will take place on April 4th at 13:00 CET over at our Twitch channel. The streams to follow will be announced on our socials.

Update 22.04.22 --- The testing sessions went so well and we gathered so much valuable feedback that we wanted to start working on improving the game as soon as possible. Thus, we have focused our manpower on building on what the testing sessions taught us and we will not be conducting a third tech test session. Rest assured, more tests will follow at a later stage. For now, we're putting our noses to the grindstone and moving forward with making Ember Sword the best it can be!

Will I be able to play the entire game?

No. Technical tests are restricted to certain areas of the game and will only include a series of gameplay loops to tinker around with the ultimate goal being to gather data on the various systems underpinning Ember Sword.

Will the graphics in the game be finalized?

No. Typically at this pre-alpha stage in testing and development, graphics and artwork will not be their final, polished version, owing to the nature and purpose of the test.

And that about wraps it up! We really appreciate everybody's continued interest in the development of Ember Sword and we are super grateful to those among you who are going to help us test the game in these early stages.

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