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Ember Sword’s Alpha Land Sale:

A Chance to Own Your Piece of the Solarwood Landscape

July 7, 2023

Calling all Lords of Solarwood! Following on from our hugely successful Alpha Playtest, we're excited to announce our Alpha Land Sale!

The level of interest we've seen from our community has been truly remarkable, making now the perfect time to secure your piece of the stunning Solarwood landscape.

Alpha Land Sale Announcement Video.

Legends Forged Together

Ember Sword is an open-world MMORPG, which seamlessly fuses the best elements from gaming classics with the latest technological advancements and mesmerising narrative design. Developed using our groundbreaking proprietary engine technology, Ember Sword delivers a frictionless gaming experience on nearly any device, inviting players to plunge into its captivating universe whenever and wherever they choose.

We are fusing MOBA-inspired, mechanically fun combat with a dynamic class system, to give players the opportunity to craft a play style which is uniquely their own; and every login feels fresh thanks to dynamic RNG dungeons akin to rogue-likes, and evolving landscapes shaped and built by the players themselves.

By modernising and prioritising social interactions, often neglected in modern massively multiplayer games, Ember Sword revitalises the core spirit of games that shaped an entire generation, assuring an unforgettable gaming journey for a new wave of MMO players.

A Land of Forests, Mountains and Magic

Solarwood, the first part of our game world realised, is a verdant and vibrant realm governed by the Academic Federation and led by Headmaster Dalcor Kritana from the epicenter of academic prowess at Burkhalter's Academy. Balancing the demands of the academics with the needs of their general populace, as well as the requirements that come with loyalty to the Republic is no easy task and this fragile equilibrium stands on the brink of a stern test, as war drums echo with the impending campaign against Sevrend.

Solarwood is a rich blend of diverse landscapes, each distinct in industry and inhabited by a colourful spectrum of residents, unraveling a world ripe for exploration and rich in unfolding narratives, compelling quests, enthralling dungeons and adrenaline filled PvP arenas.

We're going to share our vision for the LAND of Solarwood and give you the details on how to get your hands on a piece of gaming history!

Demand Far Beyond Expectations

Our previous Solarwood Land Sale sold out completely in a matter of hours, with the community pledging more than $200M for future sales --- so we encourage those who are interested to be ready to act fast!

Last time around we introduced an industry-first community application process. We chose this approach to ensure that those players who would become landowners were committed to creating the best experience possible for themselves and those players who interact with their plots.

Land ownership comes with many benefits, and our applicants are able to give us the feedback for how they would like to utilize the land and capitalize on their social features, making the landscape exciting for everyone who plays Ember Sword.

For this Alpha Land Sale, we will offer two different approaches to purchasing land, more on this to follow.

Understanding Ember Sword Land Ownership


Example City Plot in Ember Sword.

Ember Sword Land is unique in that it is directly tied into the gameplay, with the distinct goal of making the game better for everyone . No matter which plot you choose, you will play a critical role in shaping the bustling landscape. Settlement owners and above will be able to place various buildings and provide a range of services which will enhance the experience for other players and help you attract them to your plots. Town and City plots come with a huge amount of exciting features. You have the opportunity to not only shape your unique corner of the world, but also be rewarded for your effort.

Land in Ember Sword is represented by unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the size of a plot of land is roughly equivalent to the size of a player's screen during gameplay.

Types of Land Plots Available

Regular Plots --- 1x1


Example Regular Plot.

  • Title: Sir or Lady
  • 1x Per Plot Multiplier For Shared Ownership Rewards

Do you aspire to earn the title of a Sir or a Lady? If so, you can easily get your hands on any number of Regular Plots of land in Solarwood. This land is perfect for those players who want to share in the rewards, but want to put less time into land ownership. Not only does this land give you bragging rights, but it also comes with a x1 Per Plot Multiplier for shared ownership rewards in Ember Sword.

Settlements --- 1x1


Example Settlement Plot.

  • Title: Baron or Baroness
  • Build Tier 1 buildings
  • Player quests
  • 10x Per Plot Multiplier For Shared Ownership Rewards

Do you seek a Baron or Baroness title? Look at you climbing up the ladder! These Settlement Plot landowners know how to keep up appearances with the option to place Tier 1 buildings of their choice --- which players won't be able to resist visiting. You will also be able to give players quests. With all these attractions, you will be well rewarded with a 10x Per Plot Multiplier for shared ownership rewards in Ember Sword.

Town --- 2x2


Example Town Plot.

  • Town --- 2x2
  • Title Earl or Countess
  • Premium Shop Rewards
  • Spawn player quests
  • Tier 2 buildings + Premium Shop
  • 50x Per Plot Multiplier For Shared Ownership Rewards

For the players who know what they want and how to get it, you would be after the title of Earl or Countess. You have just acquired yourself an entire Town. Good for you! You love to attract attention to your land, and are able to do so with Tier 2 buildings, and the ability of creating quests. Your premium shop will offer the finest goods in the land plus you are also rewarded with a 50x Per Plot Multiplier for shared ownership rewards in Ember Sword.

City --- 4x4


Example City Plot.

For the avid entrepreneurs, by acquiring this land you will earn the right to the highly respected and coveted title of Duke or Duchess. Players will not be able to stay away from your mammoth, sprawling City Plots. Your bustling area will give you the ability to place Tier 3 buildings and issue player quests. City owners are granted a whopping 125x Per Plot Multiplier for shared ownership rewards in Ember Sword PLUS your premium shops will offer the finest goods in the land giving you loads of opportunities to prosper!

Buildings on settlement plots, town plots and city plots are likely to include choices such as guild houses, armoury, taverns or crafting stations. Questing could include PVE, Harvesting and or crafting missions. Premium Shops which will offer things like name changes, player appearance changes etc. More on this to be announced soon!

To read more about Land Ownership please visit our White Paper.



Land Ownership Overview.

Note: All multipliers are per plot. Vendors and buildings are in development and are subject to change.

How Player Interactions Get Distributed To Land Owners

For example: A player walks into a nearby plot of land and sees there's a building with a collectible for sale that they own. They sell it for roughly $100 worth of EMBER tokens.


Ember Sword --- Land Distribution Model

Fees are roughly broken down with 93% to the player, and the remaining 7% broken down as follows:

  • Landowners receive a distribution of 3.5%, 1% of which goes into a global reward (for all land owners) and 2.5% is given to landowners in the local area of the transaction pool.
  • 3.5% Goes to Bright Star Studios to help further fund the gameplay experience.

When it comes to distributing rewards, different plot types have different token reward multipliers as shown in the table below:


Ember Sword Land Type Multipliers.

What are the costs for each wave of the Land Sale?


How to participate in the Alpha Land Sale

There will be TWO opportunities to participate in the Alpha Land Sale. In total, we will be offering a limited amount of plots for Solarwood.


Land Sale --- Opportunities To Purchase.

Wave 1 is by application ONLY and will give you the opportunity to tell us why you want the land, how you intend to use it, and most importantly, ensure that you are interested in making Solarwood's landscape a bustling world with lots of activity! We will select those applications which most closely align with our core values for the game and, of course, prioritize those loyal community members who have been with us since the start --- our Badge holders. You also get the best available 25% discount!

You will be notified if your application is successful via email, and will be able to select the plot of land of your choice from the interactive map on our website. Make sure you don't delay as you will have 7 days to complete your purchase!

WAVE 1--25% Discount

10th July --- Applications Submissions open at 1pm CEST

13th July --- Applications close at 1pm CEST

21st July Applicants Notified

24th-30th July Purchase Window *please note --- if you do not claim your land within this timeframe, your land will be released to the next wave for open sale*

Wave 2 is first come first serve and will come with a 15% discount for those who are participating. You will be able to freely choose the amount of land you want and the location of the land which is still available.

WAVE 2 (15% Discount)

Open from the 31st July

Open Sale --- No application required

Open land sale for remaining available land plots with purchase price discounted at 15% of full price

Step by step guide on how to participate:

Wave 1:

  • Step 1 --- Register for your account
  • Step 2 --- Click on the Land Sale application image on the website
  • Step 3 --- Fill out your application
  • Step 4 --- Hit 'submit' button

That's it! We will review your application and let you know if you have been successful and next steps to take within x working days from the time you submitted your application.

Wave 2:

  • Step 1 --- Ensure you have an IMX-enabled wallet and that it has sufficient funds
  • Step 2 --- Register for your account
  • Step 3 --- Click on the Land Sale image on the website (insert picture of the website journey)
  • Step 4 --- Select the amount of plots you would like to acquire and the type of plot you want.
  • Step 5 --- Connect your wallet and checkout

For step by step videos on how to purchase you land, please visit our FAQ.

Technical Details

The LAND is a non-fungible and highly scarce ERC721 asset that resides on ImmutableX (L2) on Ethereum, and can be sold or traded to anyone. It can be acquired at any point during official Ember Sword land sales on our website or on whitelisted secondary marketplaces.

The Ember Sword on-chain ERC20 utility token is called EMBER, which is also used to trade the ERC721 collectibles, and can also be used to make in-game purchases. EMBER is not yet launched --- stay up to date with our socials for further announcements.

ERC721 Digital Collectibles, which are not related in any way to player progression, are represented as cosmetic items, emotes and similar in-game.

If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ which will help you along the way!

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Disclaimer: Bright Star never provides advice on anything (OTHER than pure in-game topics); Statements made --- on any platform or media --- from our community team, or anyone else outside of our community are never to be used as advice and in particular legal or financial advice. Please find our full disclaimer in our terms and conditions for the Land sale.


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