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July 5, 2024

The official Ember Sword Creator Program is HERE!

Are you interested in UGC rewards and unique opportunities? Apply for the exclusive Creator Program today!

Today, we reach yet another exciting milestone! As you have already seen, we're getting closer and closer to opening our doors to players, and so now we are delighted to announce our Creator Program!

Designed to transparently and fairly reward creators who help contribute to Ember Sword’s success, our program will start small with a limited number of people to begin with, and will scale up over time.


Creator Reward Tiers.png *Please note, the amount of $EMBER given out per tier might change over time

Everyone who is accepted into the program gets a one-off welcome gift of 2500 $EMBER, plus a host of other goodies like access to a private creator Discord channel, the latest assets, access to playtests, invitations to exclusive events and much more! Every month we’ll also assess your content and award you a monthly bonus based on reach and engagement. As detailed in the above table*

How to Apply

Simply fill out the form:

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Apply to become part of the Ember Sword Creator Program today!


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