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Community Year End Wrap Up

November 15, 2022

A Word From Our Founders

As we rapidly head towards the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on what has been a tremendous 12 months for us here at Bright Star Studios. We continue to be humbled by the passion and dedication of our community. You are what drives us to do better, to make the best decisions possible, and to ensure a long-lasting and thrilling experience for everyone. So once again...we appreciate each and every one of you!

Upgrading Our Technology

It has been an incredible year of growth for the development of Ember Sword. We have taken major steps with our backend technology, scaling our infrastructure, improving security and officially moving development over to our own proprietary engine, which allows us to do so much more than before.

Improving Blockchain Experiences

We have also launched our exchange migration to Immutable X, which will have massive speed and responsiveness for transactions, increased accessibility, improved security, the ability to pay with a credit card, and more. Additionally, upon migration, users will benefit from changing their ERC-1155 to non-fungible ERC-721, making each of them fully unique. All in all, this is another step towards making Ember Sword secure and, more importantly, accessible to as many people as possible.

While these steps in technology are not always visible, they require a great deal of work internally, and they are absolutely essential to securing the foundation of our game.

Expanding Our Team & Community

As you have seen, we have added some incredible talent to the team. Hailing from brands such as Blizzard, Riot Games, King, Digital Arrow, Discovery, CD Projekt Red and Disney, the newly appointed leadership team brings a wealth of experience and passion to the studio. If you didn't see our announcement on this, please find it here.

With this amazing group of people on board, this means that we are officially at the scale up stage, and we have been working very hard behind the scenes to build the very best foundation for the player experience for our community.

Game Design

Our imaginative artists, engineers and game designers have been working hard to move to the next stages of the game's art development. As you know, Solarwood will be the first nation we will be releasing, and before the end of this year, we will be announcing a first look reveal of some of Solarwood's characters! This includes one of the more important figures we'll be meeting in Solarwood, the Town Crier, as well as a notorious Bandit and a seasoned Smith. We will also be sharing a bit more about Solarwood's culture, politics and some of the creatures you might come across during your adventures.

Ember Sword In Progress!

As part of our WIP Wednesdays, we are so pleased to reveal a further demo video for you all here today. This is just a sliver of what is to come!

Thanabus Cup We will also be holding our 3rd edition of the highly competitive Thanabus Cup! Once again, our four nations of Thanabus will compete against each other in a multi-week challenge for their chance to win prizes and carve their name on the Thanabus Cup itself. The competition draws in thousands of community members and this time around there are some special surprises in store, with news coming very soon, so stay tuned!

The Year Ahead Towards the beginning next year we will be releasing a features testing schedule with our community! It is hugely important for us to develop our game alongside you all, and we are thrilled to be able to receive and implement your valuable feedback for the best features of our game. Once community features testing is well underway, we will be in a great position to move to the Alpha stage of development.

DEFINITION OF GAME PHASE: ALPHA Core Feature Testing & Greenlight In-Progress On-Going Technical Tests for Infrastructure & Stability Expected Instability While Testing Unpolished Game And Subject To Further Changes Development Of course, after Alpha comes Beta, right? Well, during the Beta stage, we aim to release a first edition of our White Paper with the community. Here you’ll be able to find more information about gameplay features, the in-game economy, our in-game tokenomics (off-chain and on-chain systems), as well as other important information about what will be possible throughout your experiences playing the game.

After the White Paper and during the Beta stage, we will also aim to release our in-game token, Ember. This custom-built ERC-20 token is designed to allow players to trade rare collectables and cosmetics within the game, including land, cosmetics, pets and mounts. More to come on this when we release the White Paper. During this time, all of our current badge holders will be able to claim their badges and begin to release their tokens. *subject to regional legislation

Of course, we will also be releasing our first gameplay trailer during the next year as well. We can’t wait to share it with you all, as it’s going to be a really special one.

And finally, we always want to add that none of this would be possible without your continued support. Thank you for being a part of our mission to change the industry for the better. As passionate gamers ourselves, we strive everyday to bring you the experiences you deserve and dream of!

Thank you, and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!


Bright Star Studios and The Ember Sword Community Team


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