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Discover The On-Chain Economy In Ember Sword

May 29, 2024

Welcome to the world of Ember Sword, a free-to-play multiplayer sandbox MMORPG that combines exciting, fast-paced combat with adventurous gameplay. Whether you're a veteran of the Ember Sword community or a newcomer eager to explore, you'll find valuable information here about the game's unique on-chain economy and the latest updates to enhance your adventure.

Remember, while Ember Sword is always free-to-play, our integrated on-chain elements offer added value for your time spent in-game. Let’s dive in!

Off-Chain vs On-Chain

Ember Sword is a game that is not only captivating but also revolutionary in its use of both on-chain and off-chain items which shape our no pay-to-win gameplay design philosophy and solidify our player controlled economy.

We want Ember Sword to be a social place with a bustling and ever changing world. At its core, Ember Sword offers players a chance to own unique digital items, also known as COLLECTIBLES. These Collectibles are purely cosmetic, and include weapon and character skins, emotes, and even land plots that can be owned, traded, and upgraded using $EMBER.

Character and Weapon collectible skins and emotes are a crucial aspect of a player's visual identity within the game, while LAND ownership provides opportunities for players to shape the in-game world by unlocking new gameplay features and providing user services to other players.


The Magic Behind The Cosmetic Collectibles

Our on-chain collectibles are exclusive cosmetic items that add a layer of personalization to your Characters and Weapons, and allow you to express yourself with unique Emotes—all without buying power or unbalancing gameplay.


  • These cosmetics aren't just unique; they're also immutable and limited in number, ensuring they remain rare and unique.
  • Whether earned through gameplay or purchased in the Premium Shop, each item is designed to showcase your style in Ember Sword’s vast multiplayer world.
  • Players have full control over their collectibles, with the option to merge for upgrades or trade/sell them externally as they see fit.

Want a new Skin for your Weapon or Character? No problem! These will drop to all players with connected wallets simply by playing the game.

Don’t want to grind to get one? We’ve got you covered. Simply access a Premium Shop at any time to get limited edition items which will only be available for a short window of time.

Don’t want your Skin anymore? Easy! You can trade it on secondary markets and get a new one at any time. Ember Sword is all about FREEDOM. You control your destiny here and the choice is yours.

Merging Collectibles


Participate in the bustling merging economy by collecting and combining Cosmetic Collectibles to enhance their rarity and appeal. This process is accessible to all players and contributes to the uniqueness and scarcity of each item.

Initially we will have four different rarity types for the Collectables found in-game, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

Once you have found 4 of them, you are able to merge them together with a bit of $EMBER to get a higher tier and more rare Collectible.

  • Merging Collectible items together can be done at anytime by any player.
  • The 4 collectibles that are merged together are burned, and the new higher tiered collectible is released - thus making each collectible even more scarce and unique in the world.
  • The price for Merging items will always be a fixed $ amount regardless of the price of $EMBER.

$EMBER Token Design

$EMBER is essential for purchasing and enhancing collectibles within Ember Sword, driving both the cosmetic and economic engagement of our community.


  • $EMBER is needed to interact with collectible cosmetics both for purchasing and merging them together. The collectibles are all limited in supply, and the number of items dropped or released into the game is based on a percentage of the user base on a daily or monthly basis.

  • LAND PLOTS within each Nation are a limited supply. With only 40k land plots available in the first nation, Solarwood, only these players will be eligible for earning shared $EMBER rewards. Land owners will receive rewards for Premium Shops and Player Trading which is also based on a percentage of the user base.

  • $EMBER can be purchased and used to buy or merge cosmetics at any time. With a fixed supply of 2.5 billion $EMBER tokens, their distribution is linked to active gameplay through PvE and PvP events. Land owners in Ember Sword can earn additional $EMBER rewards by hosting Premium Shops and facilitating player trades, further enriching the community-driven economy.


The dynamic that emerges from these systems is that if the active trading base grows, the supply of $EMBER will always be 2.5B in total and will never change, however the number of total collectibles in Ember Sword will keep growing as the player base grows.

$EMBER Supply, Allocation & Distribution

The tables below demonstrates the allocation, distribution and dynamic release model for $EMBER in-game. For more detailed tokenomics information, please refer to our White Paper.



Land in Ember Sword

Building a World for the Community

Thanabus is a place where the players come together to create a world that they can truly call their own. To make this vision a reality, we have allocated a total of 150,000 plots of player-owned land across all nations, beginning with Solarwood with 40,000 plots available.

These plots of land provide more than just a piece of virtual real estate, they also hold the potential for greater community and collaboration among community members.

As a land owner in Ember Sword, you have the opportunity to not only build and shape your unique corner of the world but also to potentially earn rewards for your creativity and effort. One of the ways we aim to support this is by offering multiple rewards options for your land.

For all land owners, the more players that are active, the more rewards you can receive.

What LAND Is Used For

  • Evolving the Ember Sword Landscape
  • Placing Vendors & Premium Shops
  • Earning $EMBER Rewards
  • Connecting with Players

How to Acquire LAND

Land in Ember Sword Can be acquired during Public Land Sales, or by visiting secondary marketplaces such as Token Trove or Immutable.

Maximum Plots - Solarwood

Issuance amounts in the table below are immutable and will never change.


Land Owners will have four different types to choose from. For more information on how land owners can earn rewards, please see the Rewards for Landowners section below.


Summary Of The On-Chain Economy

To summarize it all up…here is how the players can earn rewards for their efforts and creativity and help to shape a better world for all players in Solarwood:

Collectibles Acquisition:

  • Free Gameplay: Players find rare cosmetic collectibles by engaging in PvE and PvP battles.
  • Premium Shop: Limited edition skins, emotes, and mergeable items can be purchased with $EMBER at any time.

Trade and Flexibility:

  • Open Market: Players can trade their collectibles on secondary markets like Immutable, ensuring true market value, flexibility and player control.

Enhancing Collectibles:

  • Merging: Use $EMBER to merge lower-tier collectibles into higher-tier items.
  • Scarcity and Exclusivity: As collectibles merge, they become scarcer, increasing their uniqueness.

Land Ownership and Economic Contribution:

  • Land Owner Rewards: Players purchase land to use strategically, hosting vendors and generating passive rewards. Land owners earn $EMBER from player trading activities and shop transactions on their property.
  • Participation Rewards: The more active the player base, the greater the distribution of rewards, fostering a vibrant community.

Token Utility and Stability:

  • Fixed Supply of $EMBER: Ensures transparency and stability within the economy.
  • Dynamic Supply of Collectibles: As the player base grows, the number and variety of unique collectibles increase, driving more merging and trading behaviors and enhancing gameplay and economic engagement.

The Roadmap


We have been quite busy building a great MMORPG – and these MMO’s take a lot of time to get right. Now, we feel that the time is right to bring players into an Early Access version of the game towards the end of 2024.

What is Early Access?

As we approach the Early Access launch at the end of 2024, remember that this phase will introduce players to the basics of our on-chain economy, gameplay content and features, with much more to be unveiled as we expand.

Note: Players will need to have a registered account and connect their wallet in order to receive Collectible Drops and/or Rewards in the game.

The table below highlights the planned differences between Ember Sword’s Early Access Release economy and what will be Ember Sword’s final economy during the Expansion Stages.


Stay tuned for continuous updates as we further develop the world of Ember Sword.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We’re excited to see how you will leave your mark on the world of Ember Sword!

Now For The Deep Dive

Cosmetic Collectibles

There are two types of cosmetic collectibles in Ember Sword. Mergeable and Non-Mergeable.

Mergeable Collectibles

Venture into the untamed lands of Solarwood, where twisted creatures - bandits, wild boars, bears, wolves, and rogue robots pose constant threats. Each encounter is a test of your skills and courage, urging you to stay vigilant and well-prepared.

As you triumph over these formidable foes, your bravery can be rewarded with unique Cosmetics for your weapons and character, enhancing your appearance, reflecting your achievements and status in the game.

These Mergeable Cosmetics come in four distinct rarities, each designed to celebrate your dedication and flair:

  • Common: Regular rewards for the active adventurer.
  • Uncommon: Persistence pays off, revealing finer treasures as you continue your quest.
  • Rare: These elusive items commend your dedication and are achievable for the truly committed.
  • Epic: The ultimate find, reserved for the elite. Only the most skilled and knowledgeable players who master the challenges of Solarwood can claim these prestigious cosmetics. Are you ready to be one of them?

Each of the unique Cosmetics are in limited supply and immutable. Find 4 of the same type of skins and MERGE them together to create a higher rarity skin. Once the Skins are merged together the lower tiered skins are burned forever, therefore creating an even more scarce supply of the skins.

Can’t find that last skin needed to merge? No problem! This is where we get social. Chat with other players to see who has what, visit the secondary markets or have a look through the Premium Shops to see if you can’t bag that last one.

Policy On Issuance & Release Schedule

The amount of Mergeable Collectibles distributed into the game each month depends on the active player base. This is to help combat over-saturating the supply for the items, and ensuring scarcity and rarity for those who find them.

The more active players completing PVE and PVP battles, the more Collectibles are found and introduced into the game’s ecosystem.

Non-Mergeable Collectibles

Premium Shops are available to any player at any time. Here you will find extremely rare, limited edition Skins for your Characters, Entertaining Emotes and more. Non-mergeable Skins cannot be found in loot in the game, so to get your hands on these treasures, you are going to need to acquire some $EMBER.

Land Ownership Rewards


Land Plots are divided into four different types of Rarities which all come with a Title and their own share of the reward pools: Regular, Settlement, Town & City

Depending on your type of land, there are two ways to earn rewards:

-Premium Shop Rewards - Reserved for Town and City land owners

-Player Trading Rewards - For all types of land ownership

Premium Shop Rewards

If you are a Town or City owner, you will be automatically part of the rewards distribution which comes from the Premium Shop purchases in-game. These $EMBER rewards will be unlocked on a monthly basis starting at Early Access.

Player Trading Rewards

All Land owners, depending on the type of land they own, will receive Player Trading rewards based on their multipliers. This will be this will be calculated based on all secondary market trading. The table below shows what multipliers will be attributed to each type of Land Plot.


PLEASE NOTE: Land Owners must have a connected wallet to the game in order to receive their rewards


Not all features for LAND will be available at Early Access. Please see early access documentation for more details.

A Sneak Peek Into Early Access

Welcome to the treacherous and tumultuous world of Ember Sword, set on the moon of Thanabus – a land where danger lurks around every corner, and the brave reap rewards. You are about to embark on a daring adventure in Solarwood, one of the once-thriving Nations of Thanabus, now a realm of chaos and opportunity following the devastating Flux storm.

Sit Rep

Step into the chaos of Solarwood, a land scarred by a cataclysmic Flux storm. The environment is harsh and unforgiving, with vast areas left uninhabitable. As remnants of the community struggle to reclaim their home, lawlessness prevails. It's a world where bandits and rogues thrive, preying on the weak and scavenging what remains. Team up or fall victim – the choice is yours.

Your Survival Kit

Interacting with on-chain Elements: Begin by securing your $EMBER tokens and invaluable collectibles in a compatible IMX wallet – an essential tool for thriving in the on-chain economy of Ember Sword. You don’t want to miss out on rewards in-game which include airdrops, collectables from PVE battles etc. Remember, your digital assets are as real as the threats you face in the game, so protect your wallet and never share your passwords and keys.

Your Gear

Armed initially with basic weaponry, and armour, your survival hinges on your ability to craft and upgrade. Venture into the wilderness, defeat foes, and gather resources. Crafting superior gear is not just an option; it is essential for your survival.

Your Appearance

Define your warrior's look from the outset with a robust selection of customisation options. Stand out in battle with unique combinations of face, hair, and body features, and colour choices.

You can get fancy too!

Solarwood offers a Premium Shop where you can go to purchase rare and collectable skins for your Weapons and Character as well as Emotes. Each of these items is rare and unique, so collecting them from your PVE defeats and merging them together makes them even more attractive to your potential buyers!

Express Yourself

Communication is key to forming alliances and commanding battles. Use the in-game chat and express emotions and also through animated emotes – start with the basics and collect more from the Premium Shops in Solarwood.

Beware the Beasts

Monstrous Foes: The lands of Thanabus are home to creatures twisted by the planet's mysterious elements – bandits, wild boars, bears, and wolves now roam with ferocious intent, alongside rogue robots turned hostile. Each encounter could be your last, so tread carefully and stay armed.

PvP Confrontations

Risks and Rewards in Battle: In Ember Sword, your prowess will be tested by other players in higher rewards areas with thrilling PvP battles and high level bosses. Be warned, defeat could mean losing not just your pride but also your hard-earned resources and gold. To survive and thrive, you'll need both strategy and strength.

Mastering the Craft

Crafting Techniques: Mastering the crafting of weapons, armour, and potions is crucial. Each recipe and skill you learn will enhance your capabilities and influence your journey across Thanabus.

Rules of Engagement

Community Standards: Ember Sword is a community built on respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, scamming, and discrimination. Strive to be a hero in both deeds and words.

Expansions on the Horizon

Ember Sword is ever-evolving. Anticipate new content, expanded territories, and additional features to enhance your journey. Your saga is just beginning, and the legend of your heroism has yet to be written.

Embrace the peril that comes with every new dawn in Ember Sword; band together with allies for strength and survival, and carve out your destiny in a world rich with rewards for the bold.

Your adventure awaits—are you ready to forge your legacy?


$EMBER tokens are in-game tokens created for use within the Ember Sword MMORPG. They are not and should not be considered as a form of currency, security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument. Features: This document details a set of features and in-game utility which we expect to be implemented and functional at full launch. Some of this functionality may be missing from earlier, publicly accessible versions of the game, whilst Ember Sword is still in active development. Purchasing and Trading: $EMBER is available for purchase and trading solely on authorized exchange sites and are not sold directly by Bright Star Studios or through the Ember Sword game platform. We advise all interested parties to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when purchasing or trading EMBER. No Guarantee of Value: Bright Star Studios does not guarantee that EMBER will retain any particular value, nor do we make any claims or promises about their future performance or worth. $EMBER is not intended for investment purposes. Regulatory Compliance: Buyers, traders, and sellers of $EMBER are solely responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations of their respective jurisdictions. This includes, but is not limited to, securities laws, tax laws, and regulatory requirements pertaining to digital tokens. No Endorsement of Third-Party Platforms: Bright Star Studios does not endorse any third-party platforms where $EMBER may be traded. Users engage with such platforms at their own risk. Risk Acknowledgement: By purchasing, trading, or selling $EMBER, users acknowledge and agree that there are risks associated with digital tokens, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency markets. Bright Star Studios is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of trading or holding $EMBER. Limitation of Liability: Bright Star Studios, its affiliates, and its team members will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using $EMBER. This includes, but is not limited to, losses incurred due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Amendments: This disclaimer is subject to change and may be updated without notice. Users are responsible for staying informed about any changes to this disclaimer. For full user Terms and Conditions, please follow this link.


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