Our vision

Bright Star Studios was created with the ambition of forging an entirely new path for the games industry.

Gaming is one of the few crafts in which you can become a legend in anything you do. It offers the opportunity to dive into a world where you can be anyone or anything. We are passionate about building these experiences together with our community.

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Meet the team

The Founder and CEO of Bright Star Studios, Mark Laursen, is a true amalgam of forward-thinking business sense and professional player mentality. Coming from years of FPS and MMORPG professional gaming, as well as several founder level and management positions (FortemWorks, Starcade IO, IO Games LLC, PlayOn ApS, Donkey Crew to name a few), Mark possesses the perfect blend of experience required to shift what has become a stagnant industry. Under his leadership Bright Star Studios is not only poised to create the next breakout MMO with Ember Sword, but also to bring elevated accessibility and a community experience utilizing ground breaking game engine technology.

A serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, inventor, and educator at heart, Loren is truly a Jack of all trades. As Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Bright Star Studios, he brings an incredible amount of experience and know-how to further strengthen the industry-changing vision Bright Star represents. From working on the first ever MMOFPS (Neocron), to founding and being the chairman of Knowingo and PlanetQuest, receiving the Accenture Innovation Award, and so much more, Loren’s thirst for innovation drives him to accelerate Bright Star’s mission to evolve the gaming industry as a whole.

It would be hard to find a word that better describes Joris than tech prodigy. When you’ve created an entire MMO at the age of 16, the obvious next step is changing and improving the genre itself. He is accomplishing this goal by utilizing pioneering technology to elevate and improve player experiences, co-founding Bright Star Studios, and creating Ember Sword on a proprietary engine. With Joris’ experience in creating tools used by hundreds of thousands of developers, his prolific creation of game assets (which includes owning one of the largest Unity Asset Store publishers), and creative vision for the future of MMOs, Ember Sword is set to change the way MMOs operate forever.

A through-and-through industry veteran of 18 years, Mo brings the know-how needed to execute Bright Star’s vision through publishing. Coming from senior strategic positions in industry giants like Riot Games and Wargaming, as well as innovative projects like Lazha Games (which he co-founded), Mo sits at the intersection of creativity and getting things done. Mo’s massive amount of industry experience along with the passion he has for player experiences, solidifies Bright Stars promise to drive new innovation to the sector.

Amber is a creatively driven brand and marketing professional with experience in both B2C and B2B arenas including specific experience with community building around original content. She brings a wealth of global brand marketing and franchise building experience to Bright Star having worked with brands such as Disney (formally Fox Networks Group), National Geographic, Viacom (Paramount), Channel 5, MTV and Blackberry working on award-winning shows such as The Walking Dead, Deep State, Legion, Gotham, and Family Guy etc. Amber believes that it is time for the industry to evolve and her values align perfectly with Bright Star’s mission to elevate and innovate player experiences.

Creating a brand new paradigm for MMOs takes a lot of people, and finding and organizing those with the vision to accomplish that is a very hard job. Luckily, Christophe brings with him a lot of experience in exactly that field, having built international publishing offices and game development studios for Riot Games over the past 6 years. With his help, Bright Star Studios will continue to grow and gather the most talented and devoted staff there is, all focused on one singular goal: for Ember Sword to change not only the MMO genre, but perhaps gaming as well.

The unseen foundations of a game are as important as its flashier parts, so getting the right people to create them is paramount. That’s where Thomas steps in, with a varied spectrum of experience in digital infrastructure, from Systems and DevOps engineering jobs setting up infrastructure for streaming services (Canal digital, Discovery, Viaplay) to leading teams building cloud infrastructures for enterprise companies. Ember Sword’s backbone is in safe hands and Bright Star Studios is very much enriched by Thomas’ experience and management skills. But that’s not all, as Thomas has also led numerous gaming teams to become some of the best in the world throughout his 8 years as a professional gamer.

Ultimately, Ember Sword is
more than just a game
it's a community, a world,
an economy

Mark Laursen

Founder & CEO - Bright star

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Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique community led and frictionless PvP and PVE player experience, and allows true ownership of digital gaming assets using blockchain technology.

Ember Sword is a choose your own adventure open-world game in which the player is not constrained to achieving a specific goal. This means we give players the freedom to explore, interact, modify the landscape and/or influence the game economy.

Our groundbreaking AI-Game Master ensures epic dynamic events are always awaiting you and your friends. If players find themselves wandering around the outlands of a nation you will likely be approached by an NPC or creature offering the opportunity to create or participate in a new experience. The choice if always up to the player.

We believe that players should be able to have the potential to earn real value for their time invested in the game and to be able to trade their assets freely

Through this truly player-owned ecosystem puts the player in control of what happens to these cosmetics and what they want to do with them. Want to trade the item? Give it to a friend? Sell it on the market? The choice is yours. You can trade outside of the game on any whitelisted exchange.

Bright Star Studios, who is a global independent games development studio crafting next generation original MMO game franchise experiences using it’s own proprietary engine.

Bright Star is a global games studio. We have offices in Denmark, Netherlands and Serbia, however we also have remote team members across the US, UK, Europe, South Pacific and more.

Currently we have around 80 full time employees, with the hope of being around 150-200 by the end of the year. As we scale, we will determine where we will need people to be based regionally to support our wider business objectives.

The short answer is… When it’s ready.

Not only are we building an incredible MMORPG, but we've also created our own proprietary game engine. We are also building in an aspect of true ownership. This takes time… and we want to do it right!

We will update the community with timings for features testing, blockchain related announcements and game release windows on our social channels once ready to communicate.

Ember Sword will release on PC first, accessible from both Mac and Windows directly in your browser, or as a stand-alone client. After launch, we have plans to start working on mobile cross-play (the exact same game and same accounts, just playable on mobile). Our vision is to support as many platforms as possible over time.

End-game content in Ember Sword is meaningful and exciting for both PvP and PvE players.

For PvP players, Ember Sword's end-game content will be competitive; however, it is important to note that we are not a pay-to-win game. Our gameplay is skill-based (being "good" beats having great gear), and for those that desire it, high-stakes. For example, if you die in Outlaw zones, you lose most of your gear. If you're good at PvP and win the end-game fights over Outlaw territory camps.

For PvE players, the world of Ember Sword will be filled with unique monsters and fearless beasts. However, if you're among the PvE elite for example, you'll be fighting every day to become the first to kill the open-world bosses that spawn at random locations throughout the world. Kill the boss, and it might reward you with a collectible that immortalizes your legendary battle against the boss.

End-game content in Ember Sword has to be meaningful and exciting for both PvP and PvE players. End-game PvP and PvE is something we are devoting a lot of time to, and something we'll continue tweaking even post-launch based on community feedback.

No, we are not pay to win! Our concept is not built around people putting money into the game. It is a natural part of it. We don't have any pricing on the NFTs (cosmetics, swords etc). If they choose to participate in buying or selling, pricing is decided by the players.