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Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique community led and frictionless PvP and PVE player experience, and allows players to have true ownership of digital gaming assets.

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Crafting A New MMORPG Adventure

Ember Sword is an open-world MMORPG with a unique community-led and frictionless PvP and PVE player experience.

Players can choose their own adventure by conquering mysterious and dangerous lands, engaging in classless combat or exploring the world as peaceful foragers.



Together, players can go on epic adventures, and share experiences and knowledge. They can choose to prove their worth and skill by defeating monsters, bosses, and other players. They can also choose to explore the world as peaceful foragers of goods and collectibles. What you do and when is entirely up to you! Each weapon type has its own associated skill and so do other RPG elements like crafting. Ember Sword will feature challenging end-game PVE, hardcore PvP, a living economy, and much more!

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Adventure Finds You

Our groundbreaking AI-Game Master ensures epic dynamic events are always awaiting you and your friends. If players find themselves wandering around the outlands of a nation they will likely be approached by an NPC or creature offering the opportunity to create or participate in a new experience.

Ember Sword is a choose your own adventure open-world game in which the player is not constrained to achieving a specific goal. This means we give players the freedom to explore, interact, modify the landscape and/or influence the game economy.

Ember Sword is a classless combat system, which allows players to combine their own unique set of usable abilities unlocked by using a vast variety of weapons. This means you will never be bound to a single weapon type or play style. Want to use a bow for an hour? Go for it, the choice is yours.

Progression in Ember Sword also touches on combat skills, giving players a huge variety of combat abilities - shaping their own playstyle!

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Introduction Background



Enjoy our work-in-progress screenshots from the world of Ember Sword.

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Introduction Background
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Astronomers, scholars and deep flux-grown woods as far as the eye can see. With an academy at the center of it all, Solarwood holds many secrets. As the best minds of Thanabus seek knowledge, they may just find more than they bargained for.

The anomaly that brought life to Thanabus offered its greatest bounty to Solarwood, as its lush forests grew and grew out of nothing, covering the northern hemisphere of the moon.

The forests aren’t the only point of interest in Solarwood, as ancient structures from before the Catastrophe remain scattered throughout, the perfect lure for Burkhalter Academy’s scholars…

Does a jungle beckon you - a wilderness of alien beasts and carnivorous fauna? If so, unite with the fellow dispossessed of Sevrend and make your stand against the Republic.

During the Catastrophe, the lush jungle was devastated. The most extreme impact points were marked by deep fissures and jagged borders. Fumes carrying toxics and radiation bathed the landscape.

The Catastrophe splits Thanabus into fragments, creating jagged cliffs and bottomless fissures spewing chartreuse flames. Where the jungle has regrown, vines hug the surfaces of alien rocks.

Would you escape to the desert, where traders and scavengers vicariously maneuver between rampant automatons and unholy beasts? Duskeron calls.

Following the destruction of Starzhen, a horrific dust storm swept across Thanabus. Winds carried the storm to the arid lands of Duskeron, burying the sophisticated technology under its desert visage.

The dry land of Duskeron is a harsh bastion of scavengers and traders, extending over an entire quarter of Thanabus.

The frigid tundra of Ediseau holds the seat of power for the Republic's undisputed rule over the northern hemisphere of the moon. Is this where you belong?

After the Catastrophe fragments from the aftermath entered Thanabus’ atmosphere and showered the world in destruction. Fragments cut through and plummeted into the civilization below.

Once a humid forest, Ediseau is now a snowy frontier, with a cold atmosphere that permeates to the bone. Half the trees died to the new climate, leaving an arctic tundra bordering a white forest.

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True Ownership

We believe that players should be able to earn real value for their time invested in the game. This truly player-owned ecosystem puts the player in control of what happens to these cosmetics and what they want to do with them. Keep them? Trade them? Sell them? The choice is yours.

Regular Plot

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Regular plots are the entry level form of land in the game. These plots come with the Sir/Lady title and have traits that are unveiled as the game world unfolds. This might include campsites, NPC houses, resource deposits, monster spawns and more!

Settlements are small pieces of land on which you can place buildings. They can be great resupply stations, forward guild outposts, and more. Settlements come with the Baron/Baroness title and examples of what you can build include small player housing, small guild houses, and small player stores.

Towns are home to buildings aimed toward more specific tasks, such as crafting, specific gear acquisition, and resource refinement. Towns nets you the title of Count/Countess and, alongside all the Settlement buildings, you can construct crafting buildings, medium guild houses, and more.

Cities are centers of commercial activity and are brimming with riches for those willing to put in the work. City owners are granted the title of Duke/Duchess and alongside all buildings from Settlements and Towns, you can construct large guild houses, portals, caravan trading posts, and more!

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