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Land Ownership
The community land sale of Ember Sword takes place in Solarwood - one of the four nations of Thanabus. The sale features four types of land: Plots, Settlements, Towns, and Cities. Details about the sale can be found below.

As a landowner, you'll receive a small percentage of the real-life revenue that is produced by the estate your plot belongs to. The revenue is NOT in-game currency.

Total land supply of Thanabus is 160,000 plots. Solarwood consists of 40,000 plots.
Regular Plot
Land Prices
This sale uses USDC (USD Coin) which is 1:1 with USD
1 regular plot
$40 USDC
$80 USDC
1 settlement plot
$400 USDC
$800 USDC
4 town plots
$8,000 USDC
$16,000 USDC
16 city plots
$80,000 USDC
$160,000 USDC
Community Land Sale
July 8th - 31st
This community land sale features up to 6,000 available plots in the nation of Solarwood. As with our previous land sale, land prices are shown after the 50% discount in this round of the sale.

On the card, you can see the pricing of the different types of land. When filling in the application you will be able to select how many regular plots, settlements, towns, or cities you'd like to purchase. Your application will then be evaluated and you will be contacted if you’re eligible!
Frequently Asked Questions
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